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No project is too small or too large. We at I&E can deliver results on any number of things ranging from: repairing damaged tubing lines or electrical cables to complete I&E packages for production platforms. We like a challenge and will pursue that challenge with a passion and yearning, to get the job done. Also available in the spectrum is single well hookups, panel modifications, safety system testing, temporary generator and living quarter’s hookups, trouble shooting of pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical and PLC systems, navigational aids testing, and material sales. We have a vast inventory of items.

Offshore Installation

Offshore Installation

Single High Pressure High Volume Aluminum Skid with 550 Tote Tanks

Painted Steel Skid with Mega Transport Tanks and Multi Low Pressure Chemical Pumps

Aluminum Skid with Polyurethane Tank

Dual Run Fuel Gas Skid with Peco Filter

250 Gallon Self Contain Chemical Skid

Dual High Pressure Chemical Injection Skid on Painted Skid with a PLC Monitoring Panel

Multi Chemical Injection Skid High Pressure and Low Pressure Pumps with a Four Compartment Stainless Steel Tank

350 Gallon Self Contain Chemical Skid

Remote Well Opener Scada System

Power Monitor Junction Box for Electronic Safety System

Remote I/O for Electronic Safety System

Small Version Scada System

Flow Rate Transmitter for Scada

Full View of Tank Battery Scada System

Inside View of Tank Battery Scada System

Tank Battery Scada System Solar Powered with Satellite Communication

Single Well Sub Sea Control Panel

Small Fuel Gas Control Panel

Dual Sub Sea Well Control Panel

Master/Multi Well Control Panel

Inside View of Single Sub Sea Well Control Panel

Master/Pipeline Control Panel

Non-Typical Master/Well Control Panel

Master Control Panel

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